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Teresa de la Hera, Jeroen Jansz, Joost Raessens & Ben Schouten (Eds.) (2021). Persuasive Gaming in Context. Amsterdam: AUP.

This edited volume includes the research we conducted in the PGIC project and chapters by Ian Bogost, Miguel Sicart, Mary Flanagan and many other game researchers who participated in the closing conference of our project. The book is available in print and in Open Access.

T. van Rooij, J. Jansz & T. Schoenmakers (2010). Wat weten we over … games? [What do we know about … games?] Zoetermeer: Kennisnet.

Dutch Kennisnet invited us to write an accessible booklet about research on the positive and negative effects of playing digital games. It also covers the application of games in schools.

P. Zimbardo, M. McDermott, J. Jansz & N. Metaal. (1995). Psychology: A European Text. London: HarperCollins.

This international textbook is the result of a close collaboration between Philip Zimbardo (Stanford University), Mark McDermott (University of East London), and Nico Metaal and Jeroen Jansz (Leiden University). The book offers a balanced view of contemporary psychology: It systematically discusses European contributions to psychology, next to its treatise of US based theories. It has been adopted at British, Scandinavian, German and Dutch universities

J. Jansz & P. van Drunen, Eds. (1996; third edition 1999). Met zachte hand. Opkomst en verbreiding van het psychologisch perspectief [A gentle force. Genesis and proliferation of a psychological perspective]. Utrecht: De Tijdstroom (278 p.).

This edited history of psychology succeeds our Psychological Practices from 1986 (see below). Here, the so called ‘psychologization’ of western culture is the main theme. It has been adopted by five Dutch universities, including the Open University.

J. van Ginneken & J. Jansz, Eds. (1986). Psychologische praktijken, een twintigste eeuwse geschiedenis. [Psychological practices. A 20th century history]. Den Haag: VUGA.

This edited volume covers the societal context of practical, or applied psychology.

J. Jansz & P. van Drunen, Eds. (2004). A Social History of Psychology. Oxford: Blackwell.

Peter van Drunen and I initiated the project to write a systematic social history of modern psychology. A small team of authors realized the project. The book aims to show how the rapid expansion of psychology is related to practices of social management, and the historical process of individualization. It covers the central domains of practical psychology: child rearing, education, work, and mental health care, but also a number of fields that generally receive less attention in historical accounts: culture and ethnicity, delinquency and law, and social psychology.

N. Metaal & J. Jansz (1999). Psychologie. De stand van zaken [Psychology. The state of the art]. Lisse: Swets & Zeitlinger (294 p.).

This somewhat ambitious title covers a textbook targeted at a general audience. The 1999 edition is the third in row. We completely revised and updated the second edition from 1994. The book found a large readership at many Dutch universities of applied sciences (HBO) and training schools (MBO).

J. Jansz (1991). Person, self, and moral demands. Individualism contested by collectivism. Leiden: DSWO Press.

The commercial edition of my PhD thesis discusses the social construction of identity in a culture dominated by individualism.

A. Fischer, W. van Hoorn & J. Jansz. (1983). Psychoanalyse en vrouwelijke seksualiteit [Psychoanalysis and female sexuality]. Amsterdam: Boom (202 p.).

Our critical appraisal of the feminist debate about psychoanalytic theory. It discusses Freud’s theories, but also covers contributions by, for example, Helena Deutsch, Karen Horney, and Luce Irigaray.