The Executive Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam appointed me as the academic director of the Community for Learning and Innovation (CLI). The appointment is from September 2019 till December 2023. It is quite an honor to be in charge of this vibrant community. And a challenge too: I see a clear need to improve academic education in many of Erasmus’ schools and find it necessary to innovate academic teaching across the board, that is, in all degree programs Erasmus University offers. It is good to see that many teachers and supporters underwrite the need to improve and innovate, and are knocking on CLI’s door to receive help from educational experts and facilities for online and offline innovation. I am confident I can deal with the challenges in the next four years, because CLI is built around a strong team that runs our Education Lab and our state-of-the-art Studio. Please, check our online environment if you want to know more. I am academic director for three days per week and stay professor of media & communication for the other two days. That means two days left in each week, what a luxury!