The past years, I invested a lot in knowledge sharing, for example by publishing our MOOC (see Teaching) or by giving public lectures to different audiences. By the end of 2018 it was great to see that Open Access publishing gained momentum. For me and my co-authors as well. All our articles are available through Open Access (see Research): the ones about Against All Odds (Van ‘t Riet et al., 2018; Hafner & Jansz, 2018), our article on (social) media use of Chinese Muslims (Yang, Mao & Jansz, 2018) and our article about the collisions between Google and the Free Software Federation Europe (Mosemghvdlishvili & Jansz, 2018). I am really looking forward to publish our own, open access edited volume in 2019 about Persuasive Gaming in Context.